Jason Patrick Squire is a writer and documentary film maker. Born in London he has spent most of his life trying to fathom out the complexities of human relationships and failing badly.

Jason’s career has lurched in different directions with jobs including, door to door selling of encyclopedias, ditchdigging in crematoriums, advertising executive, speech writer, tennis coach, award winning film maker, furniture remover, author and stand up comedian.

Far funnier has been his slightly chaotic personal life which has resulted in the loss of quite a lot of property  but the production of three fabulous children.

Jason now lives in Brighton and is working on a range of books featuring an investigative journalist –  the fictional, Sean Millar.


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  1. Joyce Campbell says:

    Love your video on Parkinson’s disease symptoms that is on youtube. Would like permission to use in seminar that I teach on neurological challenges. I work for PESIHealthcare who provides continuing education for health care providers. Thank you Joyce Campbell, MSN, SCRN, CCRN-K, FNP-BC


    1. Hi Joyce,

      This is part of an education video which I produced. Sadly it is all I have as if was produced over 20 years ago. I notice that you are a non profit organisation and feel free to use. If you think you should make a contribution let me know and I can let you have details. Hope it is useful.

      Best Wishes

      Jason squire


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